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Judges 2017
Highlanders Ken Brown
Continentals & Aberdeen Angus Walter Wylie
Commercial Alan Brewster
Overall Cattle Championship Roddy Kennedy
Cheviots and Borders Leicester Bruce Gilchrist
Commercial Raymond Kennedy
Beltex Graeme Sinclair
Texel Alan Blackwood
Blackface Ewan Bennie
Mules and Bluefaced Leicester James Rock
Zwartbles Andrew Gilchrist
AOB Roddy Kennedy
Overall Sheep Championship Walter Wylie
Goats Bob Mason
Light Horses
Unaff Workers (1) Hayley Reynolds
Unaff Workers (2) Brian Williams
NPS M&M Workers (1) Glynis Cockbain 
NPS M&M Workers (2) Gillian McMurray
M&M Novice Ridden  Glynis Cockbain 
M&M Junior Ridden  Mrs Sally Leslie -Melville
M&M Lead Rein/First Ridden Mrs Sally Leslie -Melville
M&M Open Ridden Mrs Sally Leslie -Melville
Ridden Silver Medal Mrs Sally Leslie -Melville
M&M Inhand Glynis Cockbain 
M&M Inhand Silver Medal Glynis Cockbain 
Riding Pony/Show Hunter Pony Inhand Sherlene Murray
Hunter/Sports Horses Inhand Sherlene Murray
Ridden Hunters/Riding Horses Sherlene Murray
Overall Hunter/Riding Horse/Sports Horse Champ Sherlene Murray
Supreme Inhand Light Horse Brian Williams and/or Hayley Reynolds
CHAPS Ms Morean Hamilton
Veterans  Ms Morean Hamilton
Unaffiliated Ms Morven Miller
Heavy Horses
Shetlands Mr D A MacAthur
Clydesdale Mr S Greenhill
Highland - in hand Mrs S P Wardrop
Ridden Clydesdale/Highland Mrs M A Inglis




Mrs Heather Gow judging the Highland Pony Working Harness in 2009

photo courtesy of Peter Keron


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